Consolidated Response to Health Challenges for Roma Communities in Bulgaria

In the context of the COVID-19 emergency, the National Health Mediators Network (NNHM) intensified its work on the field. Currently, 230 HMs work on the ground in high-risk communities with increased mobility, as well as with families who do not understand the situation well and require active and ongoing communication with them. HMs are on the field daily and actively communicate with the Roma community as well as with medical teams, municipal services and representatives of crisis staffs on the ground.

The HMs need to carry out their activities in safety conditions and follow the safety instructions, but at present the NNHM does not have any protective clothing and disinfectants to provide to the HM. The municipalities also do not have the means of protection and thus the HMs put at serious risk both themselves and everyone else they work with on a daily basis.

230 health mediators will be equipped with equipment and sanitary materials (indirectly their families also will stay safe and the risk for them will be lower to be infected from their relatives working as HMs). 230 communities will be reached during their work  and more than 2000 individuals. Their awareness will be raised and knowledge about COVID-19 improved. As well as, protective behavior improved.