Every Student Can Be A Winner - 3

The project "Every student can be a winner" is a long-term initiative of Center Amalipe the main goal is to minimize the drop-out of Roma children from school.

Currently, the schools network "Every student can be a winner" and Center Amalipe are the main advocate for the introduction of modern quality education and maximum coverage in the so-called "rural/neighborhood schools” with a large percentage of Roma students, as well as an advocate for taking into account the voice of these schools in the formulation of national policies in the field of education.

The project activities will contribute to achieving the following long-term goals:

  • Children have equitable access to education;
  • Good teaching is encouraged and practiced;
  • Students are well-equipped to succeed in a knowledge-based economy.

Within the new project, Amalipe's main approach will be to go into depth in each school, by involving more teachers, students and parents from one school in the project activities.