JUMP Math - an innovative system for teaching mathematics in schools with students from vulnerable groups

The COVID-19 pandemic has disproportionately widened learning gaps for students who face barriers. In some cases, students are from one to four grades behind their peers in math knowledge. This creates a major hurdle that, if not overcomed, could impact their entire school education and life achievementс.

This project will provide an opportunity for 600 children at risk of dropping out of the education system to receive additional support in one of the key subjects - mathematics.

The project team will train 40 teachers and will provide teaching resources on JUMP Math for the "Summer Start Academy" for 600 students, enrolled in school in rural areas. The teachers will apply JUMP Math approach during the school year 2022/2023 with their students and will be guided and coached from the project team.

With JUMP Math, they will build confidence that they can do math and advance. There is evidence that JUMP Math helps students in Bulgaria to master mathematical concepts with confidence. Students in in JUMP Math classes perform better in mathematical competencies than traditionally trained students.