R.O.L.E.S Project – Roma Opportunities for Leadership, Education, and Success

Areté Youth Foundation’s project “R.O.L.E.S. Projects – Roma Opportunities for Leadership, Education, and Success” is a national program that builds on the 2-year project funded by TSA to address the lack of educated professionals, role models, and leaders in the Roma community by supporting promising Roma youth to pursue higher education and careers in the public and private sector and empowering them to be role models. Two of the three program components: Leadership camps for Roma youth and Educational Information Hub for higher education fall under the Educational Achievement program; the third component, the Roma Professional Network (RPN) for aspiring and successful Roma professionals, falls under the Family Economic Success program. This memo focuses on the two educational components, which aim to increase the number of Roma that pursue university degrees, instill a culture of giving back and provide volunteer opportunities.