Roma Opportunities for Leadership, Education, and Success IV

Areté Youth Foundation’s project “R.O.L.E.S. Projects – Roma Opportunities for Leadership, Education, and Success III” is a national program that builds on previously funded projects by TSA to address the lack of educated professionals and leaders in the Roma community by supporting promising Roma youth to pursue higher education and careers in the public and private sector and thereby empowering them to be role models. During the project. Arete will engage about 2291 youth through its two main programs - "Zaedno Napred" and "Educational and Information Hub".

In the long-run, it is expected that the project will contribute to a greater number of Roma college graduates and professionals, a network of Roma role models and volunteers, and the development and enhancement of a leading Roma youth organization, both within Bulgaria, but also internationally, able to represent the and call attention to the unique issues Roma youth face, both within Bulgaria.

Moreover, the supported youth will be encouraged to contribute to positive sustainable change in their own communities, and promote a culture of volunteerism and reciprocity through leading by example.

The project activities will contribute to achieving the following long-term goals:

  • Students are well-equipped to succeed in a knowledge-based economy;
  • Role models are actively finding ways to bolster their communities.