Terni Zor: Comprehensive support for young Roma for access to university

“Terni Zor: Comprehensive support for young Roma for access to university” is a long-standing program, through which SSDID aims by supporting young promising Roma youth to pursue a high-quality education and career development, to create a Romani elite in Bulgaria, prepared to work in various spheres: social and economic life, education, science and become informal/formal leaders of their communities. Thus, they will work towards breaking the poverty cycle and also overcome stereotypes about Roma and improve the overall placement of the Roma community in the social ladder. The organization believes that this is possible through quality education.

This project addresses several major issues and barriers related to the lower university enrollment rates as financial barriers for affording preparation/tuition for university entry exams, lack of self-confidence and motivation to continue pursue university education, lack of information among Roma youth about the university application and enrollment procedures and about university programs, lack of information among Roma students about existing opportunities for support etc.  SSDID will assist about 660 Roma youth through provision of financial and other assistance for university entry exams, enrollment and tuition, support for mandatory state exams and career orientation, consulting and other non-financial assistance etc. In current project period SSDID will encourage Roma youth to volunteer in their communities and contribute to their development.

The project activities will contribute to achieving the following long-term goals:

  • Students are well-equipped to succeed in a knowledge-based economy;
  • Role models are actively finding ways to bolster their communities.