Embracing Diversity pilot 2018/2019

Embracing Diversity is a model for professional qualification and support to educational experts, which guarantees that every child and their family are welcomed, respected, and valued in a shared process of achieving the education goals. During the pilot implementation of the model in 2018-19, Znanie Association cooperates with kindergartens and primary schools, local authorities and experts, and parents in the city of Lukovit, Lovech region.

The goal of the Embracing Diversity training is to raise the sensitivity toward the problems caused by prejudices and discrimination, and how these reflect on the children and their future. The participants test and discuss different practical tools in order to look at diversity in the classroom as a valuable resource and consider the viewpoint and position of the different adults who have a role and impact in a child’s life. The educational specialists from Slantse and Chervenata shapchitsa kindergartens continue their work on these topics in a professional learning community setting.