Zoning Project

Zoning project gives an innovative pathway forward to municipalities to solve a long-standing issue. 

Through relatively simple procedures to amend zoning laws, a huge obstacle to economic development can be removed. Urban planing is an example of a true win-win situation - families and communities gain peace of mind and municipalities lay the groundwork to attract significant investment and resources for infrastructure projects in newly zoned areas.

Not only does this improve public health and safety, but zoned neighbourhoods and legalized houses also increase the municipal tax base. The creation of improved infrastructure may also controbute toward the creation of local jobs. 

In 2017, the Trust for Social Achievement received the Sustainable Cities and Human Settment Award, given by the Global Forum on Human Settlements and supported by the United Nations Environment Programme, in recognition of its "Urban Planning - Building a Better Future for All" program. The award destinguishes organizations and individuals from all over the world for their contribution to meeting the UN's sustainable development goals.

Since 2014, Zoning project works in Kyustendil - Iztok neighborhood, Dupnitsa - Kavaklia, Peshtera - Lukovitsa and Oreshaka neighborhood.

Global Human Settlements Award on Outstanding Contribution Video

Guiding values

  • Property ownership is fundamental human right that helps to ensure access to equal opportunities;
  • Providing equality before the law and equitable living conditions;
  • Sustainable partnerships with state and municipal authorities is a key component for success;
  • Zoned settlements and adequate infrastructure is a necessary prerequisite for economic development and prosperity;
  • Active participation of local communities is critical in order to incorporate local need and perspective;

Building Future For All: Urban Planning in Roma Settlements

A Handbook for Municipalities,NGOs, and Communities in Bulgaria

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