Online consultations for NFP families

Since 2015 TSA has been implementing a home visiting service – Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP), for vulnerable mothers (young pregnant women and their children up to the age of 2 years). Nurses and midwives make regular home visits to mothers in Sofia and Plovdiv, providing health consultations and support for building their parenting skills. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, NFP teams were forced to adapt to Telehealth (working from home through alternative contacts) which proved to be a problem for the poorest families in the service. They do not have a mobile device or funds to cover their phone/internet bills.

Therefore, TSA applied with this project and was approved to receive additional funding by the Sofia Municipality under the COVID-19-related program "The Crisis as an Opportunity". Through this project TSA will purchase 60 tablets with mobile internet for 12 months - for those "unreachable" families in the crisis living in Sofia. Thus, we will not only secure access of mothers and children at risk to healthcare but will also introduce an innovative digital model of work (Telehealth) in the health field, which could serve as an example for other medical professionals in Bulgaria.