Home visiting service included in the encyclopedia of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences

The home visiting service of the TSA included in the latest encyclopedia of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS)
Two pages with photos from the work of the family nurses, as well as a text about the piloting of the home visiting service for vulnerable mothers under the Nurse-Family Partnership Program of the TSA are part of the latest encyclopedia "Bulgaria" of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. The information is presented under the section "Man and Society", and more specifically in the part dedicated to the social policy in Bulgaria.

"Two home visiting care services have been piloted in Bulgaria - a universal model of UNICEF and a specialized model implemented by the Trust for Social Achievement Foundation. According to research, the proven lasting effects of this type of care have to do with improved school readiness of children, increased employment among mothers and longer intervals between births", is what we read on page 525 in the one-volume encyclopedia, which BAS defines as "a useful desktop book that each Bulgarian family must have”.

The photos attached to the TSA home visiting care material show a home visit to one of the families receiving this type of service in Sofia, the remote work of our team during the pandemic, as well as donations of books and food packages for the children signed up for the service.

The presentation of the book took place on June 24, 2021 in the central building of BAS, and as of this week the encyclopedia "Bulgaria" is available in bookstores. The team of the Nurse-Family Partnership Program and of TSA extends their gratitude to Dr. Radka Yosifova for the interest in our work, as well as for the material she wrote that will make our efforts for better maternal and child health visible to more people in Bulgaria.