3 Year Book 2017 - 2020

Reducing Achievements Gaps For Bulgaria`s Disadvantaged

Key Findings from a Nationally Representative Survey of Roma Communities in Bulgaria

Over the past decade, significant investments have been made to increase access to education and educational attainment for marginalized groups in Bulgaria. At the same time, up-to-date information on educational outcomes is lacking. This is why TSA commissioned a nationally representative study to determine the current educational and employment status among Roma communities in Bulgaria.

With these findings, TSA hopes to provide the most up-to-date information on the current status of Roma communities across Bulgaria. This information will help inform the work of non-governmental organizations and public entities in the fields of education and employment.

The following are highlights from the study. These results show a significant change in the current situation of the Roma community in Bulgaria in terms of household income, employment, educational attainment, school attendance and educational aspirations.

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Building Future For All: Urban Planning in Roma Settlements

A Handbook for Municipalities, NGOs and Communities in Bulgaria

Illegal and informal housing is a problem in Bulgaria. Demolishing Roma neighborhoods does not solve the problem. This Handbook presents a model that works as a viable alternative to evictions and demolition. Through urban planning, municipalities can endorse or amend zoning plans to allow families to formalize built houses and buy the plots of land where they live. As a result, municipalities will achieve greater stability, security, and economic opportunity for all.

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Teaching With Poverty in Mind

TSA translated "Teaching With Poverty in Mind" by Eric Jensen.

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